Starting a Poker Apparel company while dealing with Covid

While Covid changed many lives, it had a profound impact on professional and amateur poker players and card counters. Weather you believe it is a hoax or believe it is the real deal non the less the poker industry was essentially shut down. This led to the creation of many new companies, ClubAceShop was born.


I realized long ago that there was a homegrown approach to poker apparel, many at home novice creating poker t-shirts, poker sweatshirts but the look and feel seemed too amateurish for my liking. Few companies stood out but still seemed it was lacking originality.

We started out with a few designs that invoked emotions, poker players and card counters could relate too, bluffing when you are relying on your balls, trying to buy the pot, or earning Blackjack Legend Status. Designs that were easily identified by card players, whether its Texas Hold Em or Blackjack, that brought back memories of great times or a bad play.

Clubaceshop- poker tshirt store

Creating a website that sells poker t-shirts, blackjack t-shirts, poker baseball shirts, poker sweatshirts have three core challenges, the first being website design. We wanted to invoke emotion but also have the look and feel of a card room. The second being SEO for ranking, creating a website with great content and utilizing the right keywords like poker t-shirt, men’s poker shirt, poker tee shirt and poker shirt design. The third being advertising, how to advertise a new business with minimum budget that will stretch your dollar and bring in revenue up and beyond ad spent.

Social Media- 
Social Media has had a big impact on businesses especially apparel companies. We created an Instagram and Tik Tok, this helped us develop a following, with other passionate card players that would see our brand and interact with our content. We are actively developing ads that show case our brand but also shines a light on Poker and the passion it invokes.

The status of, We are having a great time interacting with fans of the merchandise, and teaching poker, blackjack lessons. We are selling merchandise and building momentum.

We are seeing month after month of growth and hearing positive reviews of our apparel.